No matter where you go, there you are

Hi I’m John,

I was born in California and had a relatively normal childhood. Liked the usual stuff as a kid such as super heroes, science fiction and generally running around like a banshee. My love of scifi and curiosity about technology carried over into my adulthood and has evolved into one career and the desire to pursue another. I love to travel and have a dream of just travelling as long as possible to wherever the road takes me.

I’ve spent over twenty years working in information technology as everything from a computer operator and support technician to a technical writer and system administrator. I started during the DOS era and have seen technology grow into what it is today.

I also love reading, mostly science fiction, and have had a desire to write for some time. This has inspired me to start here with the things I have been passionate about. Here I can write about technology in an effort to make it easier for other people as well as how I have begun my journey as a vagabond in life.

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